Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Seminar schedule – Sommer 2023

Monday 17:15 h in lecture hall B3 if not stated differently in the table

Person responsible: Prof. Thomas Prisner

Administrative Contact: Silke Schneider

Lecture hall
Speaker Title

Prof. Sophya Garashchuk
University of South Carolina, USA
Nuclear Quantum Effects in Molecular Dynamics: Theory and Applications

Dr. Merle Röhr
Universität Würzburg
Resolving the Structure-Function Relation of Light-Induced Processes in Molecular Aggregates by Atomistic Simulations

15.05.2023 Dr. Deniz Sezer
Goethe Universität
A new effect of dynamic nuclear polarization in liquids: Revisiting the quantum mechanics of two- and four-level systems

Dr. Andrei Kuzhelev
Goethe Universität
High-Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Viscous Systems

05.06.2023 Dominik Brey
Quantum dynamics in organic polymers

26.06.2023 Dr. Antonio Calabrese
University of Leeds, UK
Mass spectrometry guided structural biology:
From membrane proteins to membraneless organelles

Additional talks are being planned

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