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Joint AK Schäfer and AK Burghardt Group seminar

Schedule – Winter Semester 2012/2013

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Previous Talks

Date Speaker Title / Topic
01.10.2013 Thomas Bergmann Characterisation of protein/lipid interaction of the human Glycophorin A TM domain using MD simulations
08.10.2013 Katrin Reichel "Toward the structural organization of the MHC-I PLC protein supercomplex"
15.10.2013 Matthias Polkehn "Quantum dynamics of a donor-acceptor dyade (but better)"
29.10.2013 Alexander Linak "Elementary charge separation processes of organic donor acceptor systems with application to photovoltaics"
Katharina Buckler "Quantum dynamics and electronic structure of organic donor- and acceptor molecules in stacked configuration"
Daniela Kern "Interaction of BetP with Surrounding Membrane Lipids"
19.11.2013 Dr. Daniel Pelaez-Ruiz
Universität Heidelberg
"The Multigrid POTFIT method: An extension of POTFIT to "larger" systems. Application to proton transfer in H3O2-"
20.11.2013 Dr. Jose A. Gamez
MPI Mülheim
"Substituents Effects on the Photoisomerisation of Azobenzene"
26.11.2013 Jan Wahl "SNAIL - the road so far"
03.12.2013 Robert Binder "The strange ways of DFT"
12.12.2013 Pierre Eisenbrandt "Gaussian-based quantum wavepacket propagation"
17.12.2013 Alfredo Jost Lopez t.b.a.
21.01.2014 Mithun Biswas "The Effect of Cytosine Methylation on DNA Exciton States"

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